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                                      Egg Wash



The purpose of the egg wash is to raise the grain after sanding and just before sealing the wood before the finish. Normally you can just dampen the wood with water after sanding to raise the grain. It also leaves behind a very fine layer which helps coat and seal the wood before the sealing process. You really cannot see what is left behind after the



   The process consists of cracking an egg and separating it into a small cup or bowl, leaving only the egg white. Making sure that there is no trace of egg yolk in the bowl because once you introduce the yolk into the mixture, it can spoil the egg. It is not necessary to mix the egg white prior to application. Use a small paint brush to first apply the egg on all areas of the guitar that have colors that can bleed. Use the same process as if you are starting to seal the instrument right before applying your finish. Apply the wash on the soundboard first. Continue to brush on to the back and sides. Brush it on all parts of the guitar. Brush throughout until you finish the egg. Let it dry completely before fine sanding the raised grain, he recommended to dry overnight. You are now ready to apply your finish.
    One egg is sufficient for one or two full coats on the guitar.  It is a waste of a perfectly good yolk. So, save the yolk and add a few more eggs, mix in some onion, potatoes and olive oil, this will make a great Spanish tortilla.

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