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Welcome to Esparza Guitars



  I would like to introduce myself to you as a Spanish classical builder. It has been my passion to study and pursue its history and tradition. When I build a guitar, I follow the tradition and take the opportunity to add some personal and artistic interpretation.

   The Spanish classical guitar is based on the traditional modern instrument developed and produced by the Spanish luthier Antonio de Torres. He has set the standards from which most of us classical guitar builders have followed and respected. It has been up to builders, like me, to maintain tradition and build the Spanish classical guitar in its finest and fullest glory.
   It is important to me to maintain the crucial characteristics of the true Spanish guitar. In using the best woods and methods to build the guitars, I look for the vibrant and bright sound that the Spanish guitar is so famously known for.
   From the very beginning of the construction of a guitar, I build the guitar on the Spanish work board, the solera. I create the elegance of the “V-Joint” neck, as employed by Hauser and Romanillos, to add to the craftsmanship and esthetic beauty of the instrument. I finish the instruments with the hand rubbed French polish to bring out the beauty and natural tones of the guitar. Close attention to these techniques are very heavily detailed and time consuming, but it is art . . . and art is infinite and priceless.



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